Слава Україні! Героям Слава!
Зродились ми великої години З пожеж війни, із полум’я вогнів, Плекав нас біль по втраті України, Кормив нас гнів і
Віолета Москалу: “Я постійно повторюю, що хорошої влади немає, будь-яку владу потрібно тримати під контролем, а де це можливо –
Внесок української діаспори у розбудову країни завжди був значним, але після Революції гідності якість та структура участі діаспори у громадському
Head of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Bate Toms: “Undermining the Budapest treaty undermines nuclear nonproliferation altogether”
Dear readers, we are happy to introduce You an interview with Head of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Bate Toms
Myron Spolsky: “I can assure you, there will be another major change, and it will be the breaking point”
Ukrainian diaspora all over the world is well-known for being active, intelligent and supportive to their former motherland. In the late
“Russia plays by the book, the revised Soviet book”
These days Ukraine has finally brought to court in Hague Russian Federation as an aggressor and supporter of the terrorism.
“In today’s world, politics follows business” – Ambassador of India to Ukraine
On January 26, the Embassy of India hosted a reception to celebrate the Republic Day of India. It was also to
Find the new interview at UNIAN taken by UkraineAway
Head of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council: “There is going to be a big battle in Washington but I think that the
King’s Day In Kyiv
The King’s Feast, the day, when Belgians honor their royal family, has been celebrated in Belgium on November 15th since
Hugues Mingarelli: “All 28 EU Member States are united when it comes to helping Ukraine”
This month hopes, beliefs and expectations of many Ukrainians are about to fill with new energy or to be undermined
“These great days are today!” – Reno Domenico
Run up to the most important elections this autumn is about to end. Preliminary voting has already started and even
“It was a general attack against our way of life, against future of our children”. Ozgün Talu explains the situation
Turkey is one of the most powerful countries in the Black Sea region, and the new reality in the Middle
Police! New police!
The reform of the Police in Ukraine is one of those little visible changes in the country since The Revolution
Important Elections
This autumn is a fruitful time in political life of the world. Elections that will take place in the USA
Another business opportunity for Ukraine from Belgium
On September 21st a Belgium-Ukrainian Business Forum “Doing Business in the new Ukraine” took place in Kyiv. Event was organized